Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How To Cope With Excessive Sleepiness

Feeling sleepy is usual and normal phenomenon. Everyone feels it when his/her body tired. Sleepy is a signal that our body wants to be rested. Moreover, foods that we consumed also have a role with sleepiness. Sleepiness can be caused by lack of sleeping time, or we had too much sleep.
Feeling sleepy will be enjoyable, if just in time. But, if we feel sleepy during the lectures, meetings, works, that's very disturbing. Such sleepiness should be avoided.
Here's the tips how to avoid disturbing sleepiness:
1. Wash your face with fresh water.
If you feel sleepy in the classroom, or in the meeting, go to toilet and wash your face. This will cause fresh taste on the body, thus eliminating sleepiness.

2. Perform light phisical warm up.
This method is quite safe for health, and contain no bad effects. For example, move your head, hands, body and also your spine. By doing this way is expected to facilitate blood circulation, thus reducing drowsiness.

3. Walk a moment.
Walk for five minutes can make you more fresh, if you work dealing with the computer, try to divert attention from the screen for a moment, or a walk out of the room about five minutes. Light stretching may also help eliminate sleepiness.

4. Go somewhere brighter.
Light stimulation can make your eyes opened again. Try coming to a bright window or aim of your view out the window. This can be a little help reduce your sleepiness.

OK, those are some tips to avoid sleepiness at crucial moments. Hope this can be useful.

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  1. very useful tips..
    nice posting :)

  2. greeting for you
    thie really good posting i was save.thanxs n good luck

  3. My periods have trouble sleeping at night as a result of work during the day when I started attacking drowsiness

    ok saya tunggu kirimannya

  4. By doing this way is expected to facilitate blood circulation, thus reducing drowsiness.


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