Thursday, September 16, 2010

Indonesia Is One Group With Malaysia In AFF Cup

AFF Cup will be held at December 2010. Draw the group has done and Indonesia accompanied by two sworn enemies. In Group A, Indonesia is one group with Thailand and Malaysia. One opponent is still to be determined again. It is the winner of qualification that participated by Laos, Cambodia, Timor Leste and the Philippines. PSSI General Secretary Nugraha Besoes at Wednesday, September 15, 2010, asking people don't dramatize the relationship between Indonesia-Malaysia because the relationship between those two countries currently being 'warm'.

"I hope there is no hostility of or anti-Malaysian sentimentality when the AFF Championship held. Sport is sport," said Nugara Besoes that was quoted by PSSI site. Nugraha Besoes also don't agree if the Indonesian national team was mentioned need a miracle to pass from group stage. "I don't agree to put it that way. There are no miracles in football. All teams have the same chance, depending on the preparation and the performance in the field," said Nugraha Besoes.

AFF Cup event will be held on December 1 to 29, 2010. Two countries, namely Indonesia and Vietnam will act as host. 

Group A:
1. Indonesia
2. Thailand
3. Malaysia
4. Winner of the qualification (Laos, Timor Leste, Cambodia and the Philippines)

Group B:
1. Vietnam
2. Singapore
3. Myanmar
4. Runner-up qualification (Laos, Timor Leste, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Adapted from VIVAnews.

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6 Komentar:

  1. Untung nggak se-grup sama Singapura...
    masih mending menghadapi Malaysia daripada harus bertanding lawan Singapura..

  2. .AeArc: Ok.
    .Faril: Lawan Thailand kita jg jarang menang . . .

  3. waduh indonesia ada di grout nerakan malaysia dan thailand, yg paling berat lawan thailand, moga indonesia bisa lolos

  4. waduh indonesia ada di grout nerakan malaysia dan thailand, yg paling berat lawan thailand...


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