Monday, September 6, 2010

Easy Cash - Make Money from Facebook

Easy Cash from Facebook. What the advantages you get if you acces Facebook? Nothing else except you get some friends. But, here's new from facebook. Nowadays, Facebook launch a program that we can use it to make money, called Easy Cash. It similar to Paypal Whislist, Easy Cash suggest us to invite some friends to join. It can give us some advantages. To join this program, we don't need pay anything. Here the easy steps to join Easy Cash:
1.Login to Facebook and open

2.Click Allow.

3.At this step, you’ve got $1 automatically.

4.To refer friend to join this program, just click Refer Friends.

5. To get the cash, just Refer Friends (step 4 above) or use your referal link to refer friend in any places, anytime. You get referal link at Refer Friends tab (see the picture below). Once your friend that refered by you join this program, you will get $0,01.

But I don't know whether this program is scam or not, because I don't receive any cash yet, due my income less than $5.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s us join.

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15 Komentar:

  1. wah ini seh mirip sama paypal whistlist sob, keren kayaknya

  2. nyoba laen x aja deeh,..

    uda gak minat FB-an nie,. hehe

  3. hmmm...
    masih ga minat nih...
    ditambah lagi saya ga punya FB...

  4. -asrizal: mirip ya? saya malah belum tau. hehe.
    -ka damar: blm tau sob. mungkin ngga. soalnya kan facebook situs resmi.
    -planetto: jgn FBan sob. main easy cash aja. bisa kok.
    -complete: buruan daftar FB sob ^_^

  5. info bagus mas Win, aku coba daftar FB doeloe ya tar baru dafta ke ini, suwun

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. wew diremove,
    gpp, santai aja

  8. new program on facebook, i'll try it

  9. Cashnya dah kelihatan jelas ... tapi mungkin nggak gampang mendapatkan reffererral Peace :)

  10. Coba coba ah ,
    thanks infonya sob ^_@

  11. akan saya coba kalau saya dah lgin ke FB, makasih semoga saya dapat penghasilan



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